On Friday at approximately 5:20pm, our pod was shipped off to California! After spending all week until 12am and all day Thursday and Friday trying to finish our pod, we were so excited that we had finished on time. One of our generous sponsors, Nickelodeon, built an awesome crate for us with foam cushions and hooks to secure our pod. We stuffed as many materials as we could in the pod, and we're so grateful for their help. We are so excited for next week and testing in California. Now all of us are packing up and going home to catch up on school because after all, we are still high school students, and school is still very important to us. All of this has been such an important experience, and each person on our team can easily say that they have learned something valuable from working together for over a year and a half. Being on a team is not easy but times like these when we see a little bit of success, we know that everything is worth it. Thanks to everyone who has supported us these past couple of weeks: sponsors, parents, teachers, friends and the administration. We seriously could not have done it without you. We will keep you posted about testing but fingers crossed!